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Small. Nice. Clean. Public scale in a very helpful location! This is not a truck stop. Great place for exactly what it is. Get your shower and latte somewhere else, get scaled fast and accurately here!

~ Martela W.

This is the only truck stop in Oxnard area,they take tch,comdata,comchecks,cash and more for trucks fuel, they have certified scale,clean restrooms,and the most important thing every body is welcome, I know this place for over 25 years, and they just renew the entire place…thanks Mac Valley oil Co,for you help to keep the drivers rolling

~ Ricardo S.

Great customer service, keep up the good work guys, my #1 stop for gas, propane snacks and coffee.

~ Danny V.

Always great customer service. Glad to have a place where truckers can take care of business here in the 805. This time around I took care of a personal matter. If you’ve ever registered your out of state vehicle (pick up truck) in Cali, you know you need to weigh it. So scalemaster service is avail. It was quick and to the point definitely made my life easy.

~ Selene A.

Nice….i almost ran dry when i drove into this truck stop……clean decent…theres no crackheads running around and the staff is really friendly

- Amado T.

TA Rodriguez Trucking Inc has been a customer of McValley for 25 years always a great experience.

- Teodoro R.

I’ve only used the weight station at this site and have been satisfied with the staff and their service. I had to weigh my front axle and back axle on the truck and they were able to accomplish this even though my truck was on the smaller side.


Not too many places to scale out at in Oxnard, so if you can get in there, it’s a good place to stop at

- Christine H.

Great place to stop for fuel and/or weigh the truck. Shell Station next door with a sandwich shop for a quick bite to eat

- Armando M.

Very popular place for the locals and the over the road driver to weigh their trucks

- Eric T.

Excelente customer service, 24 hours, Two Truck scales, Easy in and out . Very clean place.

- Martin C.

They are really nice people! Great service! Truckers free coffee! Really awesome!

- Dean C.

Not a lot of room, but they have 4 or so fuel islands, 2 scales and they are busy and 24 hours. Nice people.

- Angelo F.